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Through this seven week class, you will discover tools and skills allowing you to implement a kind and efficient family communication and to create an environment where cooperation, problem solving, communication skills, sense of responsibility, mutual respect, and trust are key.

Throughout the seven sessions you will help your kids develop :

- Self discipline and responsibility                            - Autonomy                                                    
- Cooperation and mutual respect                            - Problem solving skills 
- Self estime and self confidence                              - Communication skills                           

You will find new tools to deal with : 

- Fighting and sibling rivalry
- Sharing
- Self motivation
- Homework - Responsibilities
- Participation - Chores

You will explore in depth: 

- How disciplining children ca be done with respect, firmness, and love.
- How to teach your children, not boss them.
- The reasons and beliefs behind the child's behavior.
- The differences between consequences, punishment, and solutions.


Coaching helps go deeper and in a more attuned way into respectful education. It helps parents and teachers better identify their expectations and their needs towards their children.  This approach empowers parents and teachers through difficult times or in transition periods, as well as it guides them on their educational path.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions of an hour, for a three or six month period, depending on your needs and your schedule. Face to face or on a call, one on one or as a couple, you choose what is best for you.

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This workshop is designed for teachers, counselors, supervisors, and educators working in schools or with groups of children.

During this two day training you will learn Positive Discipline tools and how to implement them in a classroom or group. You will learn how to encourage, be kind and firm at the same time, identify mistaken goals, and respond in an efficient and respectful way to misbehavior. You will also learn how to develop social and emotional skills in students, and how to nurture a safe and efficient learning environment. Your new and improved skills will help children and students aquire self discipline, autonomy, cooperation, collaboration, respect of self and others, responsability, and how to be solution focused.

After successful completion of this workshop, you will be certified as a Positive Discipline in the Classroom Educator and will be able to implement Positive Discipline in your own class and/or in other teachers' classes, as well as introduce Positive Discipline to schools through introductory sessions.



This workshop is deisgned for parents, teachers, nurses, educators, coaches, and any person looking to help parents find a respectful and effective educational approach. This two day interactive training will provide a great understanding of Adlerian principles and Positive Discipline tools, as well as training skills. Upon completion of this workshop participants will be certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators.

Saint Nom La Bretèche, Yvelines

Parenting Class

Wednesday 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm   in French

November 8, 15, 22, and 29 2017

€ 140 for the 4 sessions


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